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About Trail Animals Running Club:

Trail Animals (TARC) are about enjoying Mother Nature's gifts, each other's company and discovering we're all capable of much more for which we might otherwise give ourselves credit. We believe in the KISS Principle - "Keep It Simple Stupid". We’d rather spend more time enjoying the trails and less time in our dens. We invite all types of runners into the "pack" - beginners to elite - trail speedies to ultra distance runners - young and's all free, it's all good.

Trail Animals was founded in 1993 by Chris "C1" Haley. The original club had a handful of members from across New England. In the mid-90s, TARC went dormant. In 2009, Chris Haley and Bob "Diesel-san" Crowley decided to re-invigorate TARC, having both returned to trail running after each taking a "sabbatical" and looking for more folks to train with as they prepared for 100 milers. After quietly posting a Spartan web site featuring a description of the club and free registration, TARC began to grow by word of mouth. Then a Facebook page was added. A little over 2 years hence, membership has swelled to nearly 1,000 runners. And in 2011, the Animals introduced the TARC Trail Series consisting of some old favorites like the Don't Run Boston 50K and Wapack and Back Ultra as well as eight other new and existing events.

TARC serves the entirety of New England including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts,

Located in:

Boston, MA

Where We Meet:

Home base is the Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, MA (, over 7,000 acres of trails located just outside of Boston. Locals and visitors alike are astonished that Boston has such diverse and abundant trails within 10 minutes of downtown. We also run regularly out of the Middlesex Fells ( located just a few minutes north of the City. These two outstanding parks are where a few of the TARC races are also hosted. However, since we serve New England runners, we've more and more members suggesting new trails and routes all across New England, enabling our membership to experience some of the most drop dead gorgeous scenery and technical terrain in all of the USA.

Our Trails:

New Hampshire's nickname, "The Granite State" isn't an anomaly. In fact, most of New England trails could be nicknamed "4T" or "The Toe Tugging Trails". Terrain up in New England is typically rocky due to the preponderance of granite and trails that have been carved into and around the immoveable rocks. Add a dose of tree roots, slippery surfaces and of course our famous winter recipe of ice, snow and mud, you've got yourself ideal conditions. Northeastern trail runners - and this extends all the way down to the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains - become proficient at learning how to navigate technical trails. As far as altitude, we are blessed with a plethora of steep, technical climbs and descents in New England from the Berkshires and Catskills to the Green and White Mountain ranges, as the Appalachian and Long Trails wonder their way through our backyards. What we may lack in sheer height compared to the West - Mt. Washington is 6,288' ( - we make up in steepness (average grade for Mt Washington Road Race is 12%).

You can get more information about Trail Running in Metro Boston here.


Trail Races and Ultra Marathons We Organize:

TARC hosts a Trail Series of 10 events ( throughout the year. These range from introductory trail runs of 10K and longer distances to classic ultra runs of 50 and 100 miles - all on trails.

We also organize weekly training runs in the Blue Hills, Middlesex Fells and occasionally other destinations hosted by members.

Our Members:

Josh Katzman - 5th @ Rocky Raccoon 100 (2/12), 1st @ Stone Cat 50 (11/11), 2nd at VT50 (9/11), 1st @ 24 Hours Around the Lake (7/11), Course Record Holder for Fells 40M Ultra, DRB50K and TARC50M

Sam Jurek - 4th @ StoneCat 50 (11/11), 1st @ TARC Fall Classic 10K (10/11), 2nd @ Nipmuck Trail Marathon (10/11), 1st @ Minnesota Voyager 50M (7/11), 2nd @ VT50 (9/10), 3rd @ Northface 50M - Madison, WI

Norm Sheppard - Completed The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in 2011 as well as over 47 ultra runs

Other Club Activities:

We ask members to volunteer at one or more of our hosted races. They respond gracefully and roll up their sleeves. We donate time and money to the municipalities and organizations that allow us to use their land for our events. Most members hang around after they finish their event to cheer other members on - be it their first ever trail run or helping someone find the courage to not drop out and carry on to the finish.

You Can Find Trail Animals Running Club Online @:


Additional Comments:

We Animals have found that keeping things simple, friendly and approachable is the best way we know how to share our philosophy with each other's and those interested in joining the sport of trail running. We aim to keep on doing it and hope you'll join us. See you on the dirt.



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