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Salt Flats 100 Mile Endurance Run

Salt Flats 100 Mile Endurance Run

Experience an Ultra Marathon through the stark, intimidating landscape that struck fear into the gold-rush wagon teams as they left the last water for 100 miles and entered a desert that at it’s whim could mire them down in mud while it simultaneously dehydrated and killed them.

Located in:

Wendover, UT

Race Date:


Race Distance:

100 Miles

Terrain: 3 - hilly; total climb between 50-150 feet per mile (2,500-7,500 feet in 50 miles)
Surface: 3 - trail or dirt road with some rocks, roots and/or ruts

How did your race conception come about?

"In 2011 I missed an early season 100 Mile event and decided an April 100 Mile event was "missing" from the local schedule", said race director and founder Vince Romney. "I'd always wanted to run the Historic Hastings Cutoff Trail, but after looking into that it proved impossible to get the required permitting for several parts of that trail. However, a portion of that trail passes through the Bonneville Salt Flats, and after some discussions with local Ultra-junky and race director Davy Crockett, the idea of running a course that linked the Bonneville Speedway with the trails and roads on the mountain "islands" was born. I'm the founder of the event, but as with every event of this type, it's genesis is a bit of a group effort".


What makes runners sign up for your race?

The chance to run the entire Bonneville Speedway, along with the incredible landscape involved throughout the entire event makes this race interesting to a wide variety of runners, from all over the world. The overall elevation change is moderate, and in many runner's opinion it has just the right amount of hills and flats to break up the 100 miles without being a true "mountain" 100.

What's unique about your race that sets you apart?

The first 10 miles of the event are run on almost six feet of solid salt, and is virtually the same track where the world land-speed records are set each year during "Speed Week". We are officially the slowest event ever held on the Bonneville Speedway! We start and finish at the same location, and the hotel/casinos of Wendover are only 10 minutes away making this logistically one of the easiest events to attend, run, and support. Crew support is accessible over 60 miles of the course, and pacers are allowed after mile 23 (Aid Station 3). We even allow for K9 pacers!

What does your schwag bag and finisher awards look like?

Hammer Nutrition is providing the schwag bags (and of course the endurance fuels at the aid stations), La Sportiva is providing the super nice Tech T-Shirts, and Columbia Gorge is providing food bars and juices for both the bags and Aid Stations. We continue to bring in sponsors, so the bags will have a bunch of goodies for the ultra runner. All runners that finish the course in under 36 hours will receive a finishers belt buckle, and Class and Overall winners will receive trophies that include a block of actual "Salt Flats" salt, provided by Broken Arrow Salt.

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