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Speedgoat 50k

Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k is hands down the toughest 50k in the US and will have the highest prize purse of any 50k in 2012.

Located in:

Salt Lake City, UT

Race Date:


Race Distance:


Terrain: 5 - mountainous; total climb more than 250 feet per mile
Surface: 5 - very rough trail

How did your race conception come about?

The idea came to mind in the spring of 2007. I wanted to create the hardest 50k in the US, even the world. European races are typically alot harder than US races, so I wanted to mimic that a bit. It is easily the hardest 50k in the US, not only with altitude gain (11,600'), but with the technicality of the route. It is very rocky, steep, snowy, and relentless. We have less than 2 miles where it is actually kind of flat.


What makes runners sign up for your race?

The difficulty and experience is second to none. Not only is the race very difficult, we have beer and pizza at the finish line, everyone gets a glass of Ultragen recovery drink from First Endurance. We also have Patagonia shirts, Speedgoatkarl's 100 mile blend of coffee beans, Drymax socks in the schwag bags. We also have over 100 prizes to give out, all quality stuff, no junk at this race.

What's unique about your race that sets you apart?

All of our volunteers are ultrarunners, so everyone gets first class treatment at each station. What is unique is we don't do age group awards. We pick prizes randomly from our pile,then pick a number which corresponds with finishing place. This way everyone has a chance to win something, and it's completely random. Even the guy who finishes last could win the best prize. We award top 5 also, which this year we have a $10,000 prize purse,so the winner will take home $2500 or more. I hope to get it to 15k, so we can go 5 deep with real money. I also throw in a few $100 bills as random prizes for the mid and back of the pack.

What does your schwag bag and finisher awards look like?

Patagonia shirts, Speedgoatkarl's 100 blend of coffee beans, Drymax socks. We do not have bags, we give the schwag with NO paper, to eliminate waste. A finishers medalis provided by BlackDiamond,it's shaped like a goathead, you could probably use it as a chinese star. It's classic.

The winner will recieve at least $2500, $500 for a record as well. The winners trophy is a REAL goat leg mounted on a rock.
Second place, $1000,
Third Place, $500

All top 3 will also recieve a Patagonia Houdini jacket.
4th and 5th, I haven't determined yet, but it'll be nice.

You Can Find Speedgoat 50k Online @:

Additional Comments:

The Speedgoat 50k is hands down the toughest 50k in the US. It is now an International Skyracing Federation series race, which ultimately means the competition, men and women, will be deep. Killian Jornet, Max King, Nick Clark, Joe Grant, Dave Mackey, Tim Olson, Nikki Kimball, Anna Frost, amongst other super mountain runners are scheduled to compete. It'll be the most competitive, the most difficult 50k in the US for 2012, and will have the highest prize purse of any 50k.



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