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Do runners need to strength train?

Do runners need to strength train?

This is a companion article with “Strength Training Benefits.”

I recently had a conversation with my friend, and fellow runner/trainer Justin Lutick about the importance of strength training, especially for runners. Actually, our conversation was mostly about the lack-there-of in the running world. As the new year moves forward, a time when many people are making goals and resolutions, why not incorporate a vital piece of the fitness equation into your routine? Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of strength training, as I have included the why, what, and how to get you started.

When should I train, and how often?

Pre-season – 2-3 times per week – heavier weights, more sets
In-Season – 1-2 times per week – moderate weight & intensity
Post-Season – 2 times per week – moderate to heavy weights

What should my routine look like?

1-3 Training Sessions per Week
10-15 Exercises per Workout
1-2 Sets per Exercise
12-20 Reps per Set
Moderate to High Intensity
Moderate to Heavy Weights

This is a circuit training routine that covers every major muscle group (starring yours truly):

Leg Press Bottom

Plate Loaded Leg Press - 12-20 Reps Per Set

Chest Press Bottom

Dumbbell Bench Press - 12-20 Reps Per Set

Seated Row Back

Seated Cable Row - 12-20 Reps Per Set

Squat Bottom

Standared Barbell Squat - 12-20 Reps Per Set

Lat Pull Bottom

Seated Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip) - 12-20 Reps Per Set

Dips Bottom

Assisted or Unassisted Dips - 10-15 Reps Per Set

Leg Ext Bottom

Leg Extensions - 12-15 Reps Per Set

Shoulder Press Bottom

Standing Overhead Shoulder Press - 12-15 Reps Per Set

Lunge Bottom

Reverse Lunges - 12-15 Reps Per Leg

Leg Curl Top

Lying Leg Curls - 12-15 Reps Per Set

Triceps Bottom

Cable Triceps Pressdowns - 12-15 Reps Per Set

Single Leg Lunge/Squat Bottom

Single Leg Lunge/Squat - 10-15 Reps Per Leg

Biceps Curl Bottom

Barbell Biceps Curls - 12-15 Reps Per Set

This is a companion article with “Strength Training Benefits”, that explains why adding strength training can benefit you as a runner.



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