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Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

I’m busy, really busy this year. Between work, training, racing, friends and family obligations I hardly feel like I have time to come up for air let alone tackle the ever growing Laundry Mountain that is accumulating in my bedroom. I am starting to feel like Bubba Gump just with clothes instead of shrimp. I’ve got…..Clothes for running, clothes for yoga, clothes for biking, clothes for strength training, clothes for coffee with my Besty, clothes for dinner with the Hubby, clothes for church, clothes for brunch with my mom, clothes for work, clothes for client meetings……. you get the idea.

Enter the Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve shirt. Heather had been trying to sell me on variations of this shirt for months and in typical Heather/Jen fashion I had kind of been ignoring her advice. I mean, I love her but after years of friendship I still wasn’t sure she understood exactly what one of my “runs” entailed or what I put my body and my gear through; just that (like the neighborhood cat) I would disappear for days on end only to resurface with a new set of battle scares. Plus, the last thing I needed was another shirt. But, as Heather made sure to educate me, this wasn’t just any shirt.

The Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve boasts:

• Lightweight seamless performance top with mesh venting in high sweat areas
• Fits like your favorite T-shirt
• Knitted with Silveresent™ for anti-stink & anti-static properties
• Wicking to keep you dry
• Chafe-resistant – flat seams

Whoa !! Did she just tell me anti-stink??!!?? To me that seemed less like a selling point and more like a dare. A dare I was willing to take. I stopped by the store and bought a grey long sleeve on my way out to South Georgia to pace Lane over night at the Bartram 100 mile run. 30 miles of ice cold rain as well as some blood, sweat and tears brought us to Lanes 6th 100mile finish. We packed up the car and headed to breakfast. Sitting there it dawned on me I was still in the same shirt. After all it had been through on the trail that night the shirt was dry and didn’t smell. I hadn’t even thought to change it. I was hooked.

Since then it’s been my go to article of clothing. It’s been a base layer for a chilly 8hr bike ride and the next weekend as a sun cover up for a 50 mile run in South Florida. I’ve also worn it out to dinner with jeans and heels several times. If I was going back to the Sahara this year, it would be in my pack. Its proven to be the most versatile piece of gear I own and one of the few that I feel confident recommending to everyone from 5k runners to multi day stage racers.

Metal Vent Tech Long SleeveIf you live in the Atlanta area, I would recommend trying it on at Lululemon Shops around Lenox as it is very slim fitting and more modest runners may want to size up. If there is no Lululemon near you then you can order online. For Men it is the Metal Vent Tech Shirt.

This weekend it’s going to make an appearance at the Sneakers and Stilettos Lululemon party Friday night with jeans and heels. Then a few short hours later it will pop up again in Alabama with tights, trail shoes and my Sport Factory visor for Mt. Mist 50k where the low will be 19° and the high for the day a balmy 37°. I feel confident it will be the perfect outfit for both.

View more details about Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve and Metal Vent Tech for men on the Lululemon website.

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