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Do you share our passion for trail running and want to interact with our readers to share your expertise?

Trail Running Club is interested in helping like minded professionals reach out to the trail running community and introduce your blog to our fast growing community. Do you have expertise in one or more of the following categories?

• Training (coaching)
• Nutrition & Weight Loss
• Shoes & Gear
• Fitness & Cross Training
• Running Injuries & Prevention
• Sports Psychology

What we're looking for.
Trail Running Club will select approximately five guest bloggers for each category. Once we reach this limit we'll put you on our "wait list" and contact you if we have room for more guest blogs in the future. Guest bloggers should be certified professionals in their category with an existing blog we can reference. Guest bloggers should be able to commit to a minimum of one article or video post per month. (If you have several articles already on your blog you can use those again if they're still timely and relevant).

What we're offering.
Our readers range from trail running virgins to elite ultra runners. We're not looking to prostitute your services and products to our readers, we're looking to you to help educate and entertain our readers. But through this process you'll have an opportunity to share your experience with them and in return gain exposure to this rapidly growing national market.

Each blog posting accepted to be on our website will feature your name, email contact info, gravatar image, description of you and your services and a link back to your own blog or website.

We aren't looking for marketing genius's (if you are that's ok though). We're looking for experts that share our passion for trail running. We'll gladly work with the right individuals to help make you look good in front our our readers and maximize your exposure.

Interested in learning more?
Tell us a little bit about you and what you do. We'll also research more about you to see if you would be a good fit for our readers. Once selected we'll send you detailed instructions on how to be a guest blogger on Trail Running Club.

We look forward to talking to you!